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Chem 41c Organic Chemistry

Spring 2017


Professor Greg Fu
Office: 201B Schlinger
Email: gcfu@caltech.edu

Handouts and Supplemental Material

Lecture 1.Handout 1.General Information

Lecture 1.Handout 2.Chapter 18.Outline

Lecture 1.Handout 3.Chapter 18.Electron Counting

Lecture 2.Handout 1.Chapter 18.Problem Set 1

Lecture 3.Handout 1.Chapter 18.Stille

Lecture 4.Handout 1.Chapter 19.Outline

Lecture 4.Handout 2.Chapter 19.pKa Values

Lecture 5.Handout 1.Chapter 19.Problem Set 2

Lecture 7.Handout 1.Chapter 20.Outline and Problem Set 3

Lecture 7.Handout 2.Quiz 1.2015

Lecture 7.Handout 3.Quiz 1.2015.Key

Lecture 7.Handout 4.Quiz 1.2016

Lecture 7.Handout 5.Quiz 1.2016.Key

Lecture 8.Handout 1.Chapter 21.Outline

Quiz 1.Key

Lecture 10.Handout 1.Chapter 21.Problem Set 4

Lecture 12.Handout 1.Chapter 22.Outline and Problem Set 5

Lecture 12.Handout 2.Mid-Term Quiz.2016

Lecture 12.Handout 3.Mid-Term Quiz.2016.Key

Lecture 12.Handout 4.Mid-Term Quiz.2015

Lecture 12.Handout 5.Mid-Term Quiz.2015.Key

Mid-Term Quiz.Key

Lecture 16.Handout 1.Problem Set 6.Chapter 23.Outline

Lecture 17.Handout 1.Synthesis Problems

Lecture 18.Handout 1.Quiz 3.2016

Lecture 18.Handout 2.Quiz 3.2016.Key

Lecture 18.Handout 3.Quiz 3.2015

Lecture 18.Handout 4.Quiz 3.2015.Key

Lecture 18.Handout 5.Practice Problems.Key

Quiz 3.Key

Lecture 20.Handout 1.Chapter 26.Outline and Problem Set 7

Lecture 21.Handout 1.Final Exam.2016

Lecture 21.Handout 2.Final Exam.2016.Key














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