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Chem 242b Chemical Synthesis

Winter 2018

Course Description

The focus of the course will be centered on strategies and methods for synthesizing complex cyclic systems.  These will be applied to the synthesis of complex natural products and molecules of medicinal chemistry importance.  Attention will be paid towards stereocontrol with the discussion of new methodology building on the material learned in Ch 242a.


Dr. Scott Virgil
Office: 301A Schlinger
Email: svirgil@caltech.edu

Handouts and Supplemental Material (PDF)

Syllabus Handouts
Lecture 1 Handout 1
Lecture 2 Handout 2
Lecture 3 Handout 3
Lecture 4 Problem Set 1; Problem Set 1 Refs
Lecture 5 Handout 4
Lecture 6 Problem Set 2; Problem Set 2 Key
Lecture 7 Problem Set 3; Problem Set 3 Key
Lecture 8 Handout 5
Lecture 9 Practice Exam 1; Answer Key
Lecture 10 Handout 5
Lecture 11 Handout 6
Lecture 12 Handout 7
Lecture 13 Midterm; Answer Key
Lecture 14 Proposal
Lecture 15 Handout 8
Lecture 16 Problem Set 4
Lecture 17 Handout 9
Lecture 18 Handout 10
Lecture 19  
Lecture 20  
Lecture 21  
Lecture 22  
Lecture 23  
Lecture 24  
Lecture 25  



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